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Infant Aquatics of Waco

Waco, Texas

My name is Jen Price, an Infant Aquatics instructor in Waco, Texas, and formerly a pharmaceutical sales representative with a degree in business marketing. Our family moved to a home with a pool when my youngest son was a baby. We have a patio fence and upper door locks; however, I found these barriers left open on several occasions. With two older siblings who were strong swimmers, I knew it was just a matter of time before my youngest jumped in after them or tumbled in when someone was not watching. So, I enrolled him in an infant aquatic survival program, and drove 1.5 hours each way to his lessons. Nothing was more important to me than his safety around the water. Our area needed an instructor, and I knew teaching aquatic survival was what I was meant to do.

After researching different programs I decided on Infant Aquatics. I trained with Bev Steinfink RN in Dallas. The training was intense -- over 100 hours of in-water practice teaching during a 6 week session. In addition, my training encompassed child development and psychology as it relates to teaching infants and children aquatic survival, video reviews and an extensive written essay test. I am certified in infant, child and adult CPR.

I love working with kids and giving them the skills that could help save their life. Most kids love pools and anything relating to fun in the water, so imparting skills to them for safety purposes makes logical sense.  I would love to teach your child to safely enjoy the water. Please email me to get started.

Jen Price

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